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Starting from 2001, MÜ-YAP tried to protect the rights of Turkish producers in a market which was not familiar with the related rights concept.. The first step was to explain our legal rights to the users and than to convince them to sign licensing agreements but it was not an easy process. Most of the broadcasters and public places didn’t want accept the rights of procuders and legal cases had to be started.

After long lasting legal cases and PR campaigns concrete results started to be achieved. MÜ-YAP has concluded agreements with the majority of national broadcasters both public and private ones.

In addition to the broadcasters, public places have been also of great importance for MÜ-YAP activities. Hotels, restaurants, shoping arcades, malls and etc. Need to take permission from MÜ-YAP in order to play recorded music. Thus a media campaign for almost a month had been realized in order to inform the users about their responsibilities. After the campaign legal actions had been started and hundreds of places were successfully licensed.

Another market for the producers is the mobiles and internet. MÜ-YAP started to license the content providers to mobile networks in 2005.

Income from the agreements are distributed to members on quarterly basis according to the criteria settled by the Congress of MÜ-YAP.

For more information about licensing activities and for license application send an e-mail to [email protected]