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About MU-YAP

MU-YAP, established on 3rd August 2000 according tı the intelletual Property Law, is a non-profit organisation for the neighbouring/related rights of phonogram producers.
She also represents Turkish phonogram producers at the international level as the National Group of IPFI.

Our Mission

As a Collection Society;

To collect the remuneration of record usages in an effective and fair way and to distribute these remuneration to the members at the maximum level.

As IFPI National Group;

To keep the pulse of the industry, to contribute to its development of legislation and combating privacy.


Our Vision

MU-YAP is an explorer and has an innovative identity, adopts a governance approach at international standards. MU-YAP is in communication and interaction with her members and other stakeholders of the industry.


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Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey