In contradiction to many countries, Turkish legislation obliges MÜ-YAP to conduct anti-piracy and collecting activities jointly. Thus MÜ-YAP Works as the collecting society of the related right holder producers on one hand and as the society of Turkish music industry on the other hand.

The main decisive body of MU-YAP is the Assembly which takes place in every 2 years. The Assembly decides the rules for membership distribution and membership. It also elects the Board. The Board has 5 members including the Chairman. The organisation which is run by the General Secretary has 5 main departments, Licensing & Legal Affairs, International Relations&Research-Development, IT & Distribution Department, Anti-Piracy Department, and Accounting Department. There are 26 employees of MÜ-YAP.

Chariman Bülent Seyhan  Seyhan Music
Vice Chairman Deniz Erdem Süper Music
General Coordinator Board Member Bülent Forta Ada Music
Audit Board Member Hasan Saltık Kalan Music
Board Member Samsun Demir Doğan Music