The objectives of MU-YAP are;

To follow up, collect and distribute the financial rights of the music producers that are born from the use of sound recordings at public venues (bars, restaurants, hotels), the use of sound recordings in the digital services and the use of sound recordings of radio-TV, webcasting, simulcasting etc.

To prevent unauthorised reproduction of legal musical productions and to fight against piracy.

In addition;

To ensure unity in the music industry and to conduct studies oriented to the music market by following the latest developments in the national/international music markets,

As IFPI National Group, to represent Turkish music producers at the international arena and to convey technological and legal developments to the music industry under current circumstances of the country,

To conduct lobbying activities with MOC and other relevant authorities;

– For the formation of necessary legal regulations concerning copyrights,
– For the harmonization of relevant national laws with international regulations,
– For the applicability of the regulations about licensing,
– For the prevention of piracy,
– For the development of the sector.