February 18, 2018


Legitimate online music has took off in Turkey. 2 internet sites and 7 GSM content providers have started their services after signing licensing agreements with MU-YAP.

MU-YAP had started the activities for a Digital Music platform in 2004 and the Platform had been completed at the end of 2005 with more than 70.000 tracks from the local repertoire of MU-YAP members. The repertoires of the majors are excluded.

License agreements have been signed with POWER CLUB and DEM (DOĞAN ELEKTRONİK MUZIK) to serve dijitized music in Turkey via internet and mobiles.

POWERCLUB is offering various services concerning music included download and streaming in their web sites.

DEM is planning to launch a new player named “Muziplay” which will be compatible with all MP3 players.

Both sites are servicing not only a-la card downloads but also mass campaigns with well known brands like Pepsi and Coca cola.

Another important progress is the agreement with ORCHARD for distributing and marketing of digital content at international level. Orchard is a global distribution platform covering more than 125 digital music stores as iTunes, Napster, MSN, Musicmatch, Real/Rhapsody and Yahoo. Also it supplies licensed music to over 200 leading mobile company worldwide.

In addition to these 7 major content providers for GSM operators has been already licensed. True tone applications are very rapidly superseding melodies and the income from these is steadily increasing. Rapid increase is expected after the entrance of Vodafone to Turkish market.