February 18, 2018


These changes were planned to

1) Prevent the sales on the streets(even if the products are legal) 2)Get rid off the contraictions between law No 5846 and 3257 for effective jurisdication 3)Consider piracy as organised crime 4) Inervention of security forces even without any application from the right holders 5)Increase the effectivness of custom controls 6) Consider importation of illegal products as organised smuggling 7) Prevent unauthorised broadcasting of radio-TV’s 8)Increase the effectivity of the bandrol system and the enforcement activities related to this system 9) Establish a data base for a better rights management system

The final text was finalized in January 2004. The Ministry had negotiated with the rights and neighbouring rights societies during the preparation process and this was a real improvement itself.

The below mentioned ammendments were based on the proposals from the right holders and especially from producers who were facing the negative consequences of piracy. It is expected that the street sales of pirate products will be prevented and the security forces who were reluctant to tackle with the problem because of the neccessity for personal complaint, will beome more active after the ammendments will be put into force.

Even more important are the changes related to prevent the contradiction of different laws which were causing the uneffectiveess of the jurisdical system. With the new ammendments the sentences for the violation of intellectual rights have to be verdicted according to law No. 5846.

The data base system is also expected to be an effective registration system which will stop the confusions about right ownership.